# Friday, January 21, 2011

Every month or so, the main stream media picks up on a story about a Canadian traveling without proper coverage. Many of these unfortunate situations arise from a misunderstanding on the part of the client. Clients find out too late that their pre-existing condition is not covered by the policy they purchased.

This is devastating since the client took the time and had the foresight to purchase coverage for their trip. This prudent move can be compromised quickly if pre existing conditions apply.

Further misunderstandings occur due to the fact that different insurance companies have vastly different policies concerning pre-existing conditions.

One insurance company may have a five year stability clause for a change in heart medication while the next one has a two year clause. GMS may insure you for pre existing conditions if you take five or less medication while Manulife or Blue Cross will exclude coverage for a condition if you take more then three medications.

Medications being used are only one of the factors that should be carefully examined to ensure the eligibility of a claim while traveling.

HealthQuotes.ca allows for a direct purchase of travel insurance via the website, however, we recommend that if you are over the age of 55 or if you are taking medications or have had previous health concerns that you speak with one of our agents before you buy.

We have a dedicated team of fully trained licensed insurance agents to assist you free of charge. Even if you have been purchasing travel insurance from the same supplier for many years it is worth while to seek a second opinion.

We are an independent broker and are not owned in whole or in part by any insurance company. We sell thousand of policies every year and for many different suppliers. We charge no fees for service, we add no administration cost and there is no charge for refunds of cancellations.

You can trust that your needs come first at HealthQuotes.ca. You do not buy travel insurance to make the insurance companies profitable, you buy it for protection. So before you travel again call us for your free quote.

I guarantee we will find you the right policy at the best possible rate.

Thank you for reading this blog and as always please send us your comment and suggestions.

Ian Baker
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