# Friday, December 17, 2010

If you are thinking about buying health insurance and have pre-existing conditions it is important that you speak with a HealthQuotes.ca advisor. In many cases families will have members that use medication regularly while other family members have no pre-existing conditions.

If you deal with an insurance company call center they generally guide you to a guaranteed issue product. They then put the whole family on one plan.

Guaranteed issue plans are great for people who have pre-existing condition, but better value exists in a medically underwritten plan if you qualify or are willing to accept some exclusions.

Our agents will help you find the right plan and will take the time to find out which insurance company is best for each member of your family.

In some cases, it is worth while for a person to accept exclusions for a pre-existing condition, rather then going with the guaranteed issue option. Applying for a guaranteed issue plan without exclusion can also be a good choice. We can help you make that determination over the phone or by email.

Some generalizations do exist. If the medications you are taking now are affordable then it is a good idea to accept the exclusion for the minor condition. Other more expensive conditions can develop over time and you will want to be protected.

If you have a condition that is covered by a guaranteed issue plan then most plans are great value. Under certain conditions your guaranteed issue plan can pay for itself right away.

The true purpose of insurance is to transfer the risk of medical expenses to an insurance company. You pay your premiums now and do what you can to stay healthy. If your health changes the cost of your insurance will be returned to you many times over.

Hundreds of Canadian visit us everyday looking for health insurance. Regardless of their situation we are delighted to assist. We promise to listen carefully to your situation and we can guarantee we will offer our non bias recommendation for your consideration.

Thank you to the thousands of HealthQuotes.ca customers for putting their faith in us.

Please use our quoting engines (we offer instant, online no medical insurance quotes and standard health insurance quotes) or call our toll free number 1-800-474-4474 today.

Thanks for reading and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Ian Baker
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