# Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Here at HealthQuotes.ca we love all our American friends. Not only because we do a lot of business south of the border, it’s also fun and easy to deal with USA companies. USA companies have a great sense of how to "get down to business" and if they are treated fairly and we help educate them on how benefits and GHIP work here is Canada, they become very loyal.

As a number one "organic" search result on sites like Google for terms like "health insurance for Canadian employees" we get a lot of inquires from all over America. Both US brokers and US companies contact us everyday for health insurance solutions for their Canadian employees.

HealthQuotes has developed several key strategies for dealing with benefits for the Canadian arms of both large America companies and Multinational firms.

One of the most important factors for multinational employers is creating parity, or equalization, between programs offered to employees in America and employees in Canada. If a US company adds a Canadian employee to their US coverage, an expensive duplication of services occurs. This costly mistake can cause difficulty for non-USA employees when it comes to making a claim, and is also a waste of resources.

For example, employee benefits plans in most States include coverage for physician fees or doctor bills. The cost of this coverage makes up a large part of overall benefit costs. All Canadians receive coverage for physician fees as part of their Provincial health insurance coverage. This is true for Alberta Care, BC Medical, OHIP, RAMQ and other smaller provinces as well.

Although, in most cases, the number of US employees is much larger then the amount of Canadian employees, this "economy of scales" is lost due the duplication of services included in US plan and the socialized coverage for health care Canadians get.

In some instances Canadian employees can be covered by the US plan for Long Term Disability and life insurance, but with health insurance benefits is make great sense to set up a separate plan for the Canadian employees from a Canadian insurance company.

Additional consideration, for your Canadian work force, includes taxation of benefits, payroll deductions, cross border payments, and many other factors. Call us today and we will be delighted to get your company started with a superior benefit plan.  Our ultimate goal is to create an affordable and easy to understand system for insurance. We can include features like work place wellness, pensions and retirement planning, life insurance, Critical illness and long term care.

If you are an American company or Brokerage, looking for great solutions for health coverage for your Canadian work force, call us today. References are available on request and we know you will be pleased with our service.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog and I look forward to any comments or suggestions.

Ian Baker,
The Insurance Blogger

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