# Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Medical expenses can be a huge and unexpected financial burden for Canadians.

One day you are healthy and the next day you find out you may have a health issue. You may not have adequate coverage when a change occurs. Your benefits or individual plan may have gaps or restrictions that leave you vulnerable.

Employee benefits or individual health insurance can work well for Canadians looking to transfer some of the risk associated with a change in personal health. However, is it enough coverage and will it be there when you need it most of all?

Benefit plans work well when you are employed, but you could lose that coverage in an instant. Your employer may cancel the company plan, your firm may be bought out, and/or you may want to do something different. There are many reasons you may lose your coverage.

Also, once you retire, most Canadians lose their group coverage, just when you need your coverage the most!  If you are over 65 or if you have developed a health issue chances are you can never replace what you had.

HealthQuotes.ca has an affordable solution for Canadians: catastrophic coverage. Catastrophic coverage will cover you for 100% unlimited brand name prescription drugs.

You can keep your plan for life and the insurance company can never cancel your plan, reduce your coverage or rate you individually for your use. Catastrophic coverage is not specific to any condition (unlike “critical illness” claims), so your claim cannot be declined because they are not one of the conditions included.

If the rates change they change for hundreds and thousand of Canadians. Insurance is really about the “transfer of risk” to an insurance company and catastrophic coverage is the greatest value in health insurance today.

You can find instant quotes for catastrophic coverage at the HealthQuotes.ca web site, or you can call us toll free at 1-800-474-4474 for a free, no obligation quote. Join me and many other healthy Canadians in a great insurance program. If you feel like chatting I would be delighted to share a personal story about how catastrophic coverage has made an incredible difference in the lives of a HeathQuotes.ca client. Or, come back and visit our blog next week and I will have the story to share with you.
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