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Emergency Travel Medical Insurance

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Emergency medical benefits form the core coverage of travel insurance plans, and provides protection in the case of sudden illness or accidents.

There are also other types of optional coverage that may be included with travel insurance plans, such as baggage loss, trip cancellation, etc.

Emergency medical typically offers*:

  • Medical treatment by licensed physicians and surgeons.
  • Coverage for paramedical services.
  • Ambulance transportation.
  • Emergency dental treatment.
  • Expenses related to death (transportation of the deceased back to their place of permanent residence).
  • Return home due to an accident or illness.
  • Return of children/dependants under the care of the insured.
  • Other expenses such as accommodations and meals.
  • Return of vehicle.

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* Coverage varies from plan to plan, consult your documentation or call one of our licensed, experienced brokers for full details.