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Optional Travel Insurance Coverage

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Travel insurance typically consists of core emergency medical benefits, along with various optional coverage.

The following lists and explains the most common travel benefit options:*

  • Baggage loss: covers expenses if your baggage is lost, damaged or is delayed. Coverage typically includes replacement of passports or drivers licenses, as well as toiletries and replacement clothing if your luggage is delayed.
  • Trip cancellation/interruption: covers reimbursement of your travel insurance premium in case you cancel your trip, or if the trip is delayed to a later date. Note that depending on the specific plan you purchase it may be possible to transfer your coverage to a later date if your trip is delayed (as opposed to being cancelled), in which case you do not receive a refund of premium.
  • Top-up: this coverage is used to increase the scope and amount of coverage from travel benefits you already have. Note that not all travel medical plans can be topped up with additional coverage.
  • Flight accident: provides coverage if there is eitgher loss of life or a limb in the event of a flight accident. If a claim is a result of an act of terrorism then benefits may be limited, depending on your specific travel plan.

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* Coverage varies from plan to plan. Consult your documentation, or better yet call one of our experienced, licensed brokers for more details.