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Personal Group Insurance FAQ

Is the price the same for part and full time employees?

The price is the same regardless of part-time or full-time employement status. Cost is on an employee by employee basis, and is affected by age, province of residence and marital status (e.g. if coverage is required for a Family or Couple).

Are there eligibility requirements?

No there are not. Enrolment is guaranteed, with no medical questionnaire!

Are benefit maximums on a per employee basis?

Yes, all quoted maximums are for each enrolled employee.

How do we apply?

There is one master enrolment form for the employer (which helps to enrol future employees). In addition there is one enrolment form per employee.

What sort of medical evidence is required?

The Personal Group Insurance basic plan is guaranteed issue, on an employee-by-employee basis. As such no employees need to answer medical questions when enrolling for coverage.

Note: There are executive upgrades available, in which case there may be medical questions and an underwriting process by the insurance company when enrolling.

What payment options for group insurance are available?

Payment may be one of the following: pre-authorized chequing; by credit card; annually and semi-annually.

Which insurance companies can I purchase employee benefits from?

Our Personal Group Insurance plan is underwritten by Manulife Financial.

How soon can my employee benefits coverage start?

Coverage usually commences on the first day of the next month, provided that payment has been received and employees have been enrolled.*

Are there different plans available?

Yes there are. The quoted plan is the Basic plan, which is guaranteed acceptance. There is also an executive upgrade, in which case there may be medical questions on an executive-by-executive basis.

Should I get a plan that comes with Life and Disability benefits?

The Personal Group Insurance plan can be augmented with affordable term life insurance and monthly indemnity insurance (a type of disability insurance). If you want life and DI coverageplease call us at 1-800-474-4474 for further information.

* Under no circumstances should you cancel an existing insurance policy until you have successfully enrolled your employees.