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Personal Group Insurance: Online Enrolment


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  • Each employee must be enrolled using this application form.
  • Once we have received your enrolment request(s) we will:
    • Check for errors and create an application form per employee.
    • Contact you to obtain any additional information that might be required.
    • Send you or the employees the PDF application for their signature.
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Part A - General Information
Applicant first name:
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Postal Code: 
Marital Status:   (Determines if there is a co-applicant)
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Year:       Age:
Smoker?   If yes, how many cigarettes per day?
Weight Change in Last Year:      Reason for Weight Change:
Part B - Dependants to be Covered
Number of Insured Dependants:
Part C - Beneficiary Designation
- Beneficiaries are for Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) if applicable -
- if you are not sure about this you can skip this step for now -

Applicant Beneficiary:
Last Name: First Name: % of Benefit:
Relationship to applicant:
If you appoint a beneficiary under the age of 18, benefits will be paid into court or to Public Trustee unless a trustee is appointed below.
Applicant Trustee:
Last Name: First Name:

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