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Disability Insurance and Long Term Care Hybrid

There is a new product named Tangible from Ontario Blue Cross™ that offers a Disability Insurance and Long Term Care hybrid plan, available to Ontario and Quebec residents.

Long term care is for people who no longer have means and ability to care for themselves, in which case the services of a long-term care facility or home care may be required.

The following illustrates the main features of this DI-LTC hybrid:

  • Disability insurance can optionally be combined with LTC (Long Term Care) benefits.
  • If you need LTC then the hybrid will convert 50% of the initial amount insured, to be used for LTC.
  • Amount insured is $500 to $10,000 (in $100 increments).
  • No premiums are payable should you become totally disabled before your 60th birthday (up to age 66).

- How this Hybrid Plan Works -

Please note the following:

  • For quotes you must call or email us (it is not yet online). Our toll-free # is 1-800-474-4474.
  • To be eligible the insured must be 16 to 55 years of age inclusive, and must also meet the insurability requirements.

™ The Ontario Blue Cross symbol and name are trademarks of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, an association of independent Blue Cross plans, and are licensed to the Canassurance Hospital Service Association, carrying on Business as Ontario Blue Cross.