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LifeCheque® Basic: Plan Summary

Please use the following as a brief summary of Lifecheque® Basic critical illness insurance. For full plan details click here.

Feature Description
Purpose: Products a lump sum benefit if a covered condition is diagnosed.
Premiums: - Renewable to age 75.
- Premium amount will not change for first 5 years of coverage.
- Renewal rate (after 5 years) may increase, followed by another 5 year period with no increases.
Age Brackets
and Coverage:
18-65 for $25,000; 18-60 for $50,000; and 18-55 for $75,000 (16-55 with Return of Premium at Expiry).
Payment: Upon diagnosis of any one of the following covered conditions, conditional to survival (waiting period):
 • Cancer (must be life threatening).
 • Heart attack.
 • Stroke (cerebrovascular accident).
 • Coronary artery bypass surgery.
 • Aortic surgery.

Initial payment is made 30 days after diagnosis (when the survival period is over).
Return of Premium Option: (age restrictions apply) Provides a 100% refund of eligible premiums when plan expires. Offered as an option.