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LifeCheque®: Guaranteed Critical Illness Insurance

Lifecheque® Basic is guaranteed issue critical illness insurance that is easy to obtain. There is a one-time payment upon diagnosis of one of five common diseases/disorders, and it also includes Best Doctors® Solutions Services as well as a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Disorders that are covered by this guaranteed critical illness insurance are:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Coronary bypass surgery, and:
  • Aortic surgery

The Return of Premium Option also insures the return of all premiums paid (up to 100% of the benefit amount) should the policy continue until its expiry date, which is the anniversary date following the policy holder’s 75th birthday.

Lifecheque's unique selling features are its:

  • simplicity.
  • accessibility.
  • and affordability.

Note: you must survive a critical illness for a set period of time to receive benefits (usually 30 days).