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Health Insurance, Canadian Employees and American Companies offers group and individual health insurance for Canadian employees of American companies, as well as travel insurance for Americans travelling in Canada.

- Group Insurance/Individual Health Insurance
- Travel Medical Insurance
- Visitors to Canada Health Insurance 

Group Insurance/Individual Health Insurance offers group insurance (i.e. employee benefits) to American companies that have:

  • Canadian citizens who are working in Canada, or;
  • Canadian citizens who reside in Canada, but are working in the United States;
  • as well as American parent companies that have Canadian subsidiaries.

Canadian citizens who both live and work in the United States can obtain health benefits via Travel Medical Insurance.

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In addition we can also insure these Canadian employees on a worker-by-worker basis via individual health insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance

This travel insurance is available to Canadian residents traveling abroad, and applies to Canadians who both work and reside in the United States.

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Visitors to Canada Health Insurance

This travel medical insurance is available to American citizens travelling in Canada who want to protect themselves against unforeseen accidents, which can result in expensive medical bills.

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