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Canadian Group Insurance Online

We're happy to offer online employee benefits from leading Canadian insurance companies. Group insurance quotes are available, as are free consultations with a licensed, experienced broker.

Protect Your Employees

Offering your employees health and dental insurance protects them from unexpected, major expenses. This leads to lower employee turn-over rates, increased job satisfaction, and helps retain top talent!

You can choose from one of two plan types:

  1. Standard employee benefit plans (50% to 100% employer paid).
  2. "Personal" group insurance, which is guaranteed issue family health insurance that is cheaper than standard benefit plans but with less coverage.

Traditional Employee Benefits*
Extensive Coverage
  • Extensive health, dental and vision care coverage.
  • Optional life insurance, AD&D and vision care.
  • Premiums may increase on renewal because of claims.
  • More coverage compared to personal group insurance.

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Personal Group Insurance
Cheap Group Insurance
  • Personal plan with no medicals (guaranteed issue).
  • Full health, dental and vision benefits.
  • Earns airmile rewards.
  • Premiums NEVER increase on renewal because of claims.**
  • Cheaper than traditional group insurance.

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* These are "standard" group insurance plans where the employer pays anywhere from 50% to 100% of the premiums. Coverage is extensive, but is also rated on your use of the benefits.

** All insured people are grouped together into one pool. This means that premium increases are across the board, and do not target you specifically because you used as many benefits as possible.