# Wednesday, 20 March 2019
It is not uncommon for a Canadian to have private health insurance coverage from more than one plan. If this is the case then the question arises: which plan pays out for eligible expenses first and which plan pays out second? The answer to this is a process called "coordination of health insurance benefits". Read on for more information and helpful tips!
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# Thursday, 28 February 2019
Have you ever wondered what sort of coverage is actually offered via private health insurance plans in Canada? In this article we take a look at the types of coverage that private health and dental insurance plans offer, as well as how these coverages relate to public Canadian healthcare plans. There are also links to more detailed articles about specific types of coverage for those people who really want to dive into the realm of private Canadian health insurance!
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# Monday, 14 January 2019
Durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches and canes oftentimes plays a critical role when recovering from an accident or debilitating illness. However, these medical devices can be very expensive to buy or even rent, and many Canadians (mistakenly) believe that their public healthcare plan will cover these costs. This is where private health insurance such as employee benefits and individual health insurance comes into play! Read on to find out more.
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# Friday, 14 December 2018
Are you a nature lover who enjoys seeing wildlife in its natural habitat? Would you like to see a herd of free-roaming bison from the back of a horse? If you answer yes to these questions then Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan is a place you should consider checking out when visiting Canada!
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# Wednesday, 24 October 2018
Canada is a huge country with a plethora of places to visit and explore. Every year millions of people from all over the world visit Canada. But what happens if a visitor comes to Canada without medical insurance and has an accident or unexpected illness that requires medical attention? Is it even possible for a visitor to Canada to enter the country without having some form of medical insurance protection? Read on to find out more.
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# Thursday, 13 September 2018
Sweet marjoram, a member of the oregano family of herbs, is a very tasty, healthy and medicinal herb. Known for its sweet flavour, marjoram has been used for centuries in many different types of recipes, and was even used in ancient Greek and Roman times as a key ingredient in love potions! Read on for marjoram's historical uses, nutritional data, medicinal and health properties and for some cooking suggestions.
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# Thursday, 23 August 2018
Physiotherapy often plays a crucial role when recovering from a debilitating accident or illness. And in many cases, physiotherapy costs are not covered by your provincial healthcare plan. Read on to find out how much coverage for physiotherapy can be obtained via Canadian health insurance plans (employee benefits and individual health and dental).
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# Wednesday, 18 July 2018
We've scoured the Internet for the best insurance jokes and humour, and here is what we found. We hope this brings a smile to your face and puts some laughter into your heart!
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# Thursday, 05 July 2018
The Calgary Stampede is an exciting 10-day event that consists of world-class rodeo and entertainment. Often called the "Greatest Outdoor Show in the World", the Stampede is an amazing western Canadian experience that offers a plethora of things to see and do (and taste)!
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# Thursday, 31 May 2018
Massage therapy is one of the most popular extended health insurance benefits. Not surprising, really, seeing how a massage feels great and is so relaxing. But what sort of massage therapy coverage is available via Canadian healthcare and private health insurance plans such as employee benefits and individual health insurance? Read on to find out more!
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# Monday, 30 April 2018
Thyme is an aromatic spice that has been used by many civilizations for thousands of years. It is a potent anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial. In addition, thyme has high amounts of vitamins and minerals, making it a very healthy spice to consume. The historical usage of thyme is also very interesting!
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# Monday, 26 March 2018
Travel insurance offers emergency medical coverage in case of unforeseen sickness or accident while traveling. But does it cover everything that could go wrong on your trip? The answer to that is that it doesn't, and once in awhile travelers find this out the hard way. So why take a chance? Why not know for sure what you are covered for? Read on to find out about potential coverage pitfalls to especially look out for.
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# Tuesday, 27 February 2018
In this edition of Popular Visitor to Canada Destinations we go to Churchill, Manitoba, world famous for its polar bear tours. In addition to polar bears Churchill is also famous for its beluga whale and migratory bird watching. It has also been rated as the 3rd best place in the world to see the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights!
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# Monday, 29 January 2018
Welcome to this first edition of our new "Insurance Humor" blog series. We've scoured the Internet for the funniest insurance-related stories and jokes that we could find. We hope we bring a smile to your lips and some laughter to your heart!
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# Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Many Canadians have health insurance coverage that offers some form of dental benefits. Unfortunately, too many of us do not use all of our available dental insurance benefits, thereby leaving our "dental dollars" on the table. Use these tips to make sure you squeeze everything that you can out of your dental plan!
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# Wednesday, 01 November 2017
Allspice is a very nutritious and medicinal spice that is packed with flavour. It tastes and smells like a combination of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon, and has been used by people for hundreds of years now. Originally used for flavouring chocolate and as an embalming preservative, allspice has now been found to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties! For more information please read on.
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# Wednesday, 04 October 2017
There are many foreign workers currently residing and working in Canada at any given time. But what happens if a non-Canadian worker gets sick or has an accident that requires medical attention while here in Canada? Well, turns out that all foreign workers (including family members) who have a valid Work Permit will be eligible for provincial healthcare coverage. For more details please read on!
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# Wednesday, 13 September 2017
In this next installment of our "Popular Visitor to Canada Destinations" series we look at Old Quebec, the historical part of Quebec City that is over 400 years old. Old Quebec is a blast from the past that is home to the Ramparts of Quebec, the Chateau Frontenac, the Citadel and much more!
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# Tuesday, 01 August 2017
Employee benefits are something that job applicants often look at when deciding whether or not to take a job offer. But what questions should be asked of a potential employer? Read on to find out what we, as experienced insurance brokers, think are the top questions that should be asked by employees regarding group insurance benefits.
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# Wednesday, 21 June 2017
Welcome to this 2nd edition of our "Bizarre Insurance Policies" series. In this episode we look at lottery winner insurance, alien abduction coverage, free riot insurance, multiple birth insurance and more. And once again we see that any risk can be insured if you can only afford the premiums!
posted on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 20:34:07 (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)  #   
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